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LanguageRelease YearRelease Year
BankingAutomate business process
related to manual entry in
system for forms or cheques
  • Accelerated compilation of data with minimal
    manual intervention
  • Reduced manpower cost by up to 90%
MarketingAutomate process of capturing
data from 100s of daily/weekly/
monthly data to create reports
  • Automated compilation of data from all
    regions/branches and creation of reports
  • Reduced analysis cycle time from days to a
    few hours
  • Enabling accelerated decision making
AccountingImplement OCR built on
Machine Learning to process
hundreds of thousands of
  • Extraction of data from physical/digital copies
    of invoices for GST filings
  • Increase in ability to process 2-5x Clients with
    same resources
GovernmentImplement Data Visualisation
and create Dashboard to build
easy to tool for intuitive
visualisation of large amounts
of data.
  • Intuitive visualization to graphically depict
    relations between seemingly unrelated entities
  • A holistic 360-degree view of data
  • Reduced analysis time from days to few hours
FinanceDeploy Bots for collection &
compilation of data and
creation of reports.
  • Automated extraction of data by Bots from
    100s of sources resulting in reduction of errors
  • Reduced time for creation of reports and for
    analysis from weeks to few days
  • Reduced manpower cost by up to 80%