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You simply need to register here by filling some of your basic information. After registration you will become a member of WKV EDU.
We provide courses through three mediums: Online Classes- Members can access online classes through our website. These classes can be accessed 24X7 according to the convenience of the members by simply logging into WKV EDU account. Classroom Lectures- We provide in-class trainings and lectures at our institutes, at our partner educational institutions and to corporates. Encrypted Pendrives- We provide all our courses through encrypted pendrives. This medium is especially a boon for small cities and towns where internet connections are painfully slow.
Although we high quality videos through our website, members only require a 1Mbps connection to seamlessly watch the content. This is due to the advanced compression technology used by us. Therefore members can watch high quality videos on low bandwidth internet connection.
In case of any doubts please write us at and we will reply asap. Though our super awesome content is designed in a way so that concepts are easily understood
We provide courses broadly under following heads- Finance Courses, Computer Courses, Digital Marketing, Web Designing & Development, Interview Preparation
Yes, we provide in-class training to educational institutes and to corporates. We have successfully doing so and look forward towards associate with serving more clients. Please contact us at

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